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You can check the shipping fees upon check out. Our shipping fees will be charge base on your delivery address. And we do have three kinds of delivery method which will be marked in the product description.

1. 需要安装的大件产品- 由我们的送货团队负责运送。

例如:Squirrel Wall Cabinet Series- SET...

这类大型产品也许需要使用特定的工具。所以我们的配送团队人员将会提供送货和安装服务以确保产品的质量和结构没问题。我们有Service Point的地区,将会提供免费运送和安装。如:Johor, Klang Valley, Penang。此外的地区则会额外收费。东马的顾客只提供免费到港口的服务或到古晋Service Point的服务。东马的顾客我们将提供免费送货到西马港口(FOB)的服务。目前东马我们只提供送货到古晋 Service Point ,送货到东马将会按照体积计算运费。

1. For large piece of item which needed to be install – our transport team will delivery and install it for you.

Example: Squirrel Wall Cabinet Series

For large items which may require the use of specific tools, our delivery team will provide the installation services. And we will provide free shipping and installation in areas with specific Service Point. Such as: Johor, Klang Valley and Penang. Additional charges will be imposed on area out of this range. For customers from East Malaysia, we will provide FOB service. Currently, we only offer deliver to our Kuching Service Point. The shipping charge will be charge based on volume.

2. 可以自己组装的小件产品或不需组装的大件产品- 由外包的快递服务运送。

例如:Squirrel Wall Cabinet- Small Compartments, Single Mattress, Online Small Item...

小商品或是可以组装的商品,我们将会交由快递公司配送。在货物被快递公司提取后,我们会提供Tracking Number(追踪码)以便顾客追踪订购的商品。这类商品无论在全马任何地区都会以快递公司的收费为标准。

2. Small items which can be assembled or a large items which does not need to be assembles, we will delivered by courier service.

Example: Squirrel Wall Cabinet – Small Compartments, Single Mattress, Online Small items

Small Items or items which can be assembled, we will be delivered by courier service. After the goods are picking up by Courier Company, we will provide the Tracking Number so that the customer can trace the order. For those items, the postage will be charge base on Courier Company charges as a standard.

Upon receiving the parcel, if you notice any damaged please take a photo of it and inform us immediately. Please don’t chop sign for the parcel and return to us. We will follow up with you.

3. 无论大小的家具- 顾客上门提取(Local Pickup)

如果您有自己的运输工具或您可以方便到我们的Service Point提货。欢迎您选择上门提取,这可以让您节省运费。东马的提货地址目前只有在古晋。在提取货物时请携带您的单据或展示您的订购单邮件。以下是我们的Service Point地址:

3. Pick up from our service point (Local Pickup)

If you want to save your transport fees and have your own transport, you can choice to pick up from our Service Point. Pick up point for East Malaysia is currently available in Kuching only. Please bring along your purchase confirmation email or document upon picking up the goods. Here is our Service Point address:

Johor Head Office:
104, 106, 110, Jalan Sri Sulong 1, Taman Industri Sri Sulong, 83500 Parit Sulong, Johor.

KL & Selangor Service Point:
52-G, Jalan PUJ 3/8, Taman Puncak Jalil, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

Penang Service Point:
No, 872 (G/F), Jalan Permatang Tengah, Taman Perkasa, 13000 Butterworth Penang.

Sarawak Service Point:
Master Ltt sdn bhd
Lot 1251, Block 7, mtld, Lorong Demak Laut 7A, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak.

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